Comm 121 4-31-08

Comm 121 4-31-08 - If your answer is yes—how do you...

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Comm 121 4-30-08 Is this a global Village? What role does the U.S. media play in the world’s communication and information sphere? What role do other countries’ media play in what we know? Ideas of the global village Morse- a wired connection to everyone Marconi- a wireless connection to everyone McLuhan- a world in which everyone knows everything and everyone (predicting the internet?) Telecommunications The technologies and processes of communicating over distances Considering communications and Telecommunications Traditionally, nations had their own media systems; what happens when international media come to a country? Examples Pirate radio off shore in England “New” developments, i.e. FM radio Audio Media Satelite Radio Internet- Advertising; social networking US media structure vs. Many other models U.S. Oligopoly Many other coutires: monopoly or duopoly Cultural sovereignty Should a country have the right to control their own media systems?
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Unformatted text preview: If your answer is yes—how do you “control” broadcasting and digital media? Neil postman, “amusing ourselves to death” Entertainment has overtaken our way of life… we look for entertainment everywhere… In many countries… Ministries of post, telephone and telecommunications (PTTs) Funding as a service to the nation Ideas of nationality and “nationhood” What does it mean to be “American?” Values and identity History| Language| Culture | Religion| Economy| Politics| Geography North American issues Canada, US, Mexico What do they have in common? Cultural imperialism Forcing one culture on another Technology: dumping Political Broadcasting: short wave Voice of America – 45 Languages around the world- Pro-American values Power of the internet Dominant language: English How are cultures changing? Internet in China Cell phones in Saudi Arabia “Third World” nations and technology change...
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Comm 121 4-31-08 - If your answer is yes—how do you...

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