Comm 121 4-16-08

Comm 121 4-16-08 - Gaming issues The virtual world The body...

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Comm 121 3/16/08 What changes has the internet introduced to culture? How is behavior changing? Addictive behaviors Compulsive behavior If it is easy to use the computer for basic needs—what changes? Social Anxiety Can the internet replace interpersonal interaction? Can the internet replace social environment? How does a person become socialized? The nature of interactive Technology Good def: a technology or system that requires a person to make a decision Bad def: interaction where a person just “pushes a button” Are we communicating? Or reacting? The effect of e-mail on our behavior Instant, incomplete, forgotten Flanagan, “babes in the woods” How much personal information do we willingly give up? On-line Predators Safety in the home; unsupervised access
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Unformatted text preview: Gaming issues The virtual world The body and anonymity Avatars- representation of your body How you want to be seen in this game When does the virtual world feel real? Gambling It is illegal to have an on-line gambling site in the U.S. Addiction problems Cyber bullying Pew internet report More bullying behavior in person than on-line; but for the socially anxious, it can be like the same thing Who experiences cyberbullying? Teens and kids More girls than boys What forms? On-line shopping Amazon didnt make a profit for 6 years Revolutionized marketing and the shopping experience Brick and mortar stores Trader Joes- 2 buck chuck Barnes and Nobles Stores scaling down in size...
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Comm 121 4-16-08 - Gaming issues The virtual world The body...

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