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Outline for “Sustainability amid Globalization” Global trends that increase demands on ecosystems: 1. Global population surge/explosion 2030 = population of 6 billion 2. Rural to urban migration 3. Demand for natural resources More people = more demand Sustainability/ sustainable development (defined): Development that meets the needs of the present people w/o compromising the needs of future generations Three pillars of sustainability: 1. Society 2. Economics 3. Environment Riccardian Specialization: Developing countries should concentrate on producing only one or two types of crops/products for export that are globally needed Impact of this specialization on developing nations: Downside: 1. Mono-crop culture becomes vulnerable to the prices and changes in global demand; 2. May not be able to be as competitive as other countries; Might not produce as quickly or as well as other countries; 3. Risk of environmental damage Environmental justice: Degree of ethicalness regarding the environment (land, pollution, etc.) affects everyone
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