biolab outline exp 1

biolab outline exp 1 - 1. 2 washed side 2. 3 unwashed side...

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Biology 101L Experiment 1 Outline Nicole Mitchell Spring 2008 Microbes: How Clean is Clean? I. Introduction a. Purpose : determine which type of hand soap is most effective at eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms b. Hypothesis: Dial will be more effective at reducing microorganisms than Softsoap II. Materials and Methods: a. Pick 2 types of soap i. Dial ii. Softsoap b. Add air control to make results more accurate c. Divide plates into unwashed and washed sides (except air control) d. Wash one hand with one type of soap and other hand with the other type, putting fingerprints on the plates e. Seal with parafilm III. Data:
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a. Dial soap i. Number of colonies:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. 2 washed side 2. 3 unwashed side ii. Description: 1. big pale yellow on washed side 2. smaller green ones on unwashed side b. Softsoap i. Number of colonies: 1. 3 unwashed side 2. 4 washed side ii. Description: 1. white colored colonies the size of a fingerprint on unwashed side 2. separate small yellow colonies on washed side c. Air control i. Number of colonies: one ii. Description: about half an inch in size IV.Conclusions a. No real trends apparent b. Appears as though washing hands with either Dial or Softsoap results in a larger area of bacterial growth than if hands were never washed at all...
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biolab outline exp 1 - 1. 2 washed side 2. 3 unwashed side...

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