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English 104 Instructor: Dr. Domínguez Barajas Writing Project 4 Argumentative Essay Like the last assignment, this one asks you to write a compelling argument in regard to a contemporary issue. This time, the issue is particularly pointed because it will allow you to examine what is supposed to happen to you--and presumably all students who finish college--as you work toward your degrees, just as it will allow you to consider what effect this transformation is supposed to have on our society. You should seek out additional points of view and arguments other than those we have considered in class, but you should conceive your essay in light of the arguments to which you have already been exposed. For instance, if high schools were designed, according to John T. Gatto, to keep a particularly volatile segment of the population under supervision and to generate a docile workforce, what is the purpose of colleges and how do they meet that goal? What do we learn from Norman Podhoretz’s account of his social transformation as a result of his
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