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IN THE MID 19 th CENTURY I. Western Expansion - mid 1840s US grew by 70%, 4 mil. People moved west of miss. A. The Many “Wests”- “west” great lakes, or Chicago or Minneapolis. West later even became Oregon and California. Several understandings by people of “west” B. Motivations for Western Expansion 1. Religion – threats to religion. Concern of influx of irish catholics, Protestantism might be threatened. Move to create protestant communities. Mormans move to Utah. 2. Economic Opportunity – market rev. improves transportation. Jefferson encourages Lewis and Clark to draw Indians into trade with US and out of british trade. Ports acquired to trade with Asia on west coast. 3. Fulfillment of America’s “Manifest Destiny” – new way of thinking about westward expansion and America’s future. Availability of land was future of the country. By 1830s and 40s citizens gaining national westward ideology. a. Horace Greeley – begin again in the west. If you can’t find a job in NY, move to the “great west”. “go west young men” b. John L. O’Sullivan – was in publishing of a pro-democratic newspaper. Leading component of manifest destiny. God’s will that America spread
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03-31-08_Outline--Manifest_Destiny - MANIFEST DESTINY &...

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