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04-09-08_Outline--Slavery_and_National_Politics - SLAVERY...

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I. A. Arguments for Slavery- only argued for after it comes under direct political attack 1. Slave Labor Superior to Wage Labor –slaves existed in most all colonies, until 1830’s British outlaw slavery in carribean. – slavery was more fair than wage labor. a. Slaves Treated Better than Wage Earners – William Llyod Garrison calling for the abolition of slavery b. Economic Depressions Harmed Wage Earners & Slaveowners More than Slaves - plantation owners argued, slaves were property that was cared for even in times of economic recession when plantation makes no profit, slaves still fed and housed. Whereas, no profit made in industry, wage earners wages are cut, and they must find new way to make ends meet. c. South Lacked Class Tensions of Capitalist Society 2. Christian Bible Supports Slavery – Abraham owned man slaves. “treat youe slaves as you want to be treated.” a. But: Criticism of Abusive Slaveowners B. 1. Union Less Important than Rights of Slave States 2. South Distinct from & Superior to North- often threatened to secede as a way
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to sway opinions. II.
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04-09-08_Outline--Slavery_and_National_Politics - SLAVERY...

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