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Outline--Class_Formation__Immigration_and_Urba - 3/17 CLASS...

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3/17 1CLASS FORMATION, IMMIGRATION & URBAN LIFE IN THE NORTH I. Pre-Industrial Social Regimentation – before the market rev. or the industrial rev. social order was fixed among class. Merchants, artisans, journeymen, apprentices, wage laborer. Journeyman and apprentices could rise up to be master craftsman through upward mobility in a fixed hierarchy. A. Upward Mobility within Fixed Hierarchy II. Origins and Effects of Class Divisions – class = wealth/ job and social group and response to changes. Emergence of two distinct class groups. Wage earners/ employer A. New Division of Labor Increases Social Distance between Employers & Workers Middle class and worker class. Emergence of a working class who sells their labor to middle class to produce goods for overall owner. B. Segregation of Work Places, Residences & Commercial Districts Household functions as productive unit, both shop and home. Marketing for local needs, small scale business for local market. Social distance btwn workers and employers was very small, possibility for workers to rise to business owners.
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