Cyto&ExtracellQ+A - NAME _KEY_ Discussion Worksheet #6...

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NAME _________ KEY ___ Bio 311C Discussion Worksheet #6 Cytoskeleton and Extracellular Components 1. List the three components of the cytoskeleton. What is the subunit used to build each? Microtubules: tubulin heterodimer Micrfilaments: actin monomer Intermediate filaments: subunit varies (different proteins used to build) 2a. Describe the structure common to both cilia and flagella. Both have 9+2 arrangement of microtubules covered in plasma membrane. 9 microtubule doublets surrounding 2 single microtubules. Microtubules connected by cross-linking proteins and dynein. 2b. Describe two major differences between cilia and flagella. Cilia: shorter and more numerous; move in whip-like motion Flagella: longer and fewer; move in undulating (snake-like) motion 3. List two processes that might be disrupted if cells are treated with latrunculin – a toxin that causes microfilaments to depolymerize (fall apart). Cell crawling/movement, cell shape changes, muscle contraction, cytoplasmic streaming, cytokinesis
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Cyto&ExtracellQ+A - NAME _KEY_ Discussion Worksheet #6...

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