311C F07 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1: Review Checklist 9/26/07...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1: Review Checklist 9/26/07 Chapter 1: pages 2-6, 9-11, 19-21, 27 Life Characteristics of life Hierarchy of biological organization Emergent properties Discovery (descriptive) science Hypothesis-based science Unity and diversity Structure and function Chapter 2: pages 32-45 Matter, elements, atoms Atomic structure Protons Neutrons Electrons Electron shells and electron configurations Valence shells, valence electrons Atomic number Mass number (atomic mass) Isotopes Chemical bonds Structural formula, molecular formula [know monomer structures i.e. amino acids and how they interact with each other using these structures Covalent bonds: polar v. nonpolar, single bonds, double bonds, molecules Electronegativity (C, H, P, S, N, O) Ionic bonds: ions (cations and anions), ionic compounds Hydrogen bonds Van der Waals interactions Bond strength (relative): covalent vs. ionic (aqueous) vs. hydrogen vs. Van der Waals Chemical reactions: reactants and products, chemical equilibrium Chapter 3: pages 47-55 Water: structure Hydrogen bonding in water Cohesion Surface tension Moderation of temperature: specific heat, heat of vaporization Expansion upon freezing: liquid water vs. ice Solutions, aqueous solutions, solutes, solvents...
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311C F07 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1: Review Checklist 9/26/07...

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