1 181 kjmol 2 288 kjmol 3 507 kjmol 4 317 kjmol 5 95

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Unformatted text preview: e the bonds in the products. 4. the energy that is released upon breaking the bonds in the reactants and the energy that is released upon making the bonds in the products. Bond energy tables give the following values: C H : 411 kJ/mol I I : 149 kJ/mol H I : 295 kJ/mol C I : 213 kJ/mol The change in enthalpy for this reaction is: 1. -52 kJ/mol 2. +463 kJ/mol 3. +52 kJ/mol 4. There is no way to tell. 5. -97 kJ/mol 1. they are averages over a number of molecules. 2. we cannot measure them accurately. Owlia, Arria Homework 5 Due: Oct 2 2007, midnight Inst: Vandenbout 3. not all molecules burn in oxygen, making calorimetry difficult. 4. we cannot calculate them accurately. 5. they depend upon the physical state of the molecule, gas, liquid, or solid. 7...
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