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apo223 BuffaloCreek - Arria Owlia EE 302 Preston Unit C...

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Arria Owlia EE 302 – Preston Unit C: Ethics and Professional Responsibility After laughing at the many unnecessary evacuations of their neighbors’ homes, the remaining residents of Buffalo Creek woke up to a fatal wake-up call at approximately 8am. On February 26 th , 1972, the dams on Buffalo Creek withstanding about 22 million cubic feet of water and sludge failed. Buffalo Creek was taken hostage by an infinite number of water molecules. Buffalo Creek was a coal town built by the coal-mining companies to support their coal-mining expeditions. Coal waste dams were built to repel the waste from the inner, residential area. It was the rainy season, so some residents fled to higher ground to be with friends and/or relatives. The remaining residents laughed as the fleeing residents foolishly left their houses. The Friday before the flood, some residents were fleeing, while the others were admired the beautiful blue sky. At 8am the next day, Saturday, Dam 3 had failed. Logan’s county, West Virginia has had its share of violence and conflict throughout the duration of its existence. This is the place where the McCoys and the Hatfields actually feuded in the late 1800’s. In 1921, Bill Blizzard and Mary “Mother” Jones had 4000 armed miners duel against Sheriff Don Chafin’s deputies, state police, and hired thugs in the Battle of Blair Mountain. 37-year-old Pug Mitchem wakes up on that devastating morning, walks out, remembering the many false alarms that Buffalo Creek has had, and thinks to himself that the water is higher than usual. He reconsiders
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knowing that it did in fact rain recently, so it’s nothing to worry about. A racing pickup
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apo223 BuffaloCreek - Arria Owlia EE 302 Preston Unit C...

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