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Geol125 (1)

Geol125 (1) - Study Questions GEOL 125 Earth History What...

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Study Questions Guide #1 (F07) GEOL 125: Earth History Dr. Hammond What steps are involved in the scientific method? What is a scientific law? When can you violate a law? State Newton’s laws. What factors are involved in the law of gravity? State these by writing an equation. What are the four fundamental forces? What types of particles experience each of these forces? How do we think these forces are transmitted? Over what range is each effective? What forces are exerted by particles within the nucleus of an atom, and which are most important? What different forms of energy exist? Give examples. In addition to energy, are there other fundamental properties that must be conserved in any interaction? Give examples. Why are atoms drawn together to form a chemical bond? If chemical bonds are due to an attractive electromagnetic force between two atoms, what prevents these atoms from moving closer together? What factor determines the chemical identity of an atom?
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