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Geol125 (8)

Geol125 (8) - Study Questions GEOL 125 Earth History...

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Study Questions Guide #8 (F07) GEOL 125: Earth History Dr. Hammond What parts of organisms may be preserved? Name one mechanism that may result in fossilization. Does the fossil record provide an accurate indication of the types of organisms that once lived on the earth? What biases might exist? How are fossils useful? What is a mass extinction? When did the largest mass extinctions occur? Draw a graph illustrating the number of genera vs. geologic time, noting any distinct changes. How do we use fossils to determine some boundaries in the geologic time scale? How are organisms classified? What differences exist between prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Which came first, and what is the evidence? What are the principal elements of Darwin's theory for evolution? How did this theory compare with that of Lamarck? What observations led Darwin to propose his theory? What observations can be used to determine a phylogenetic tree? What is the difference between gradual and punctuated evolution? What is a gene?
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