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Gillen 1 Clayton Gillen Professor Junqueira MKTG 2503 8 October 2022 1. Buying anything from the internet has its pros and cons but buying jewelry online has its questions. First, when people want to buy jewelry, they want to be there in person to try it on and have a better gut feeling on the minor investment. For example, when a man is looking for an engagement ring, he would want to buy it in person because that is like a once in a lifetime experience and they usually cost few grand. Second, there is a possibility that someone is trying to defraud someone by selling fake jewelry. 2. The Blue Nile has implemented a variety of strategies to compete in the market. First, Blue Nile has a report for each diamond that is made by the Gemological Institute of America, so every diamond has gone through a test to make sure that each diamond is real. Second, the Blue Nile company is user-friendly in the fact that there is a live customer service line and if the item is not up to satisfaction, a return can be made within thirty days and a money back guarantee. Third, Blue Nile can cut costs in multiple ways starting with dealing directly with
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