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Lecture 6 Population Ecology_6 - Read before lecture...

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1 Read before lecture Attendance at lectures is not compulsory, but as we now deviate greatly from the book, it is a good idea . If you decide to come to lectures you are committing to the following code of conduct ± No talking or cell phone use during class ± No leaving before the end of the lecture . If you come, you commit to stay the whole time Code of conduct for lectures Important information • Quizzes ± There will be a quiz for each lecture ± The Thursday and following Tuesday quiz are available Tuesday by midnight. You have one week to complete each quiz. ± If you could not see the answers on any quiz on the first try, do it again. All quizzes are supposed to be set to give you the answers. If any do not, send me an email. • Office hours this week: ± Peter Chesson, BioSciences West 218, M 3:00-4:00, W 4:00- 5:00 Ecology . What is ecology about? In brief, it is about the interactions of organisms with their environment. The scientific study of ecology seeks to explain (a) How evolution shapes behavior, physiology, and life- histories of wild species (b) Where organisms are found, how abundant they are, and how their populations change over time (c) How species interact with each other, and the consequences of these interactions for their distributions, abundances, variation over time, and evolution (d) The role of organisms in the energy and materials flows on Earth Figure 54.11
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Lecture 6 Population Ecology_6 - Read before lecture...

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