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Socialization of Conflict 2

Socialization of Conflict 2 - financial goal Most often the...

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Socialization of Conflict 2/12/08 1-Bring more people into conflict . makes wealthier party have a bigger chance of winning 2-stronger side increases gains 3-gain more legitimacy 4-stronger party/side assumes weaker side will socialize conflict Scope of conflict=how big the general audience is Domain of conflict=turf on which conflict is fought . Often is shifted from area to area Privitiazation of conflict= reducing the conflict Special vs. general interest Special interest= has exclusive benefits . such as banking, access to weapons, General interest=common benefits . such as clean air and water, global warming, health care, energy supply General interest is much weaker than special interest Question- why are special interest more organized and stronger than gen int? Answer- because it is easier to communicate within a smaller group of people and the group has a clear
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Unformatted text preview: financial goal Most often the goal is less clear in gen int Free rider program=no incentives to because the gain is general Special interest usually treat and present the interest as both a common good , and a ethical good9 i.e gen interest) Example of general interest= Terri Schiavo-the starting pointy was two dif interest, usually one in the background (1- her health, 2- the Clintons administration treatment on healthcare) Q-So, who gains from universal healthcare? A-companies w/ high labor cost (both union and professional), and unions Q- So, who loses from U.H.C? A-pharmacutical companies, doctors,and mainly health insurance companies, companies w/ low labor cost ( i.e – service)...
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