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alcohol lab report

alcohol lab report - Becky Gibas Bio 101*All answers to...

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Becky Gibas Bio 101 *All answers to questions must be typed in complete sentences. Use this sheet as the first page of your lab. In Class Lab Activity (7 points). You can only answer the questions listed in the Outside Lab Activity ( 8 points) if you are present and participated in the Lab Activity. Activity 1. Participate in a active discussion of binge drinking in college students, the affects of alcohol on the brain, how alcohol is metabolized, how alcohol affects the body, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, drinking and depression, and alcohol poisoning. 1- What are the Biological Effects of Alcoholism? What are the Social Effects of Alcoholism? What has been the effect of raising the drinking age to 21? 1. When did people first start using alcohol? Why do people drink? What affect does it have on their behavior? 2. Explain the Handicap Theory and how would it apply to human drinking behavior? Which sex seems to drink more? 3. Does alcohol affect mate choice in females? What problems are associated with the sexes and alcohol? Is there a double standard in our society? 4. What is Binge Drinking? What are problems associated with Alcohol Misuse? 5. How does alcohol affect the central nervous system? How fast does it reach the brain? Is there a link between drinking and depression? 6. What is the action of Alcohol Dehydrogenase? What happens after to the brain after chronic use?
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7. Calculate what students might drink on a weekend night using BAC Blood Alcohol Content. What are the effects? 8. What factors influence Absorption and Metabolism of alcohol? Why is there a gender difference? 9. What is the Prevalence of Binge Drinking? How does alcohol affect the body? Such as blood vessels, and your liver. 10.
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alcohol lab report - Becky Gibas Bio 101*All answers to...

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