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worst resume - -Completed Gallon Challenge(Drank a gallon...

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Jon “Smart Wun” Q Professional Goal: “I find it better not to set any goals for myself, that way when I don’t meet them, I don’t get disappointed” ~Peter La Fleur in DodgeBall (Basicly I’ll take whatever ya give me) Educashun: --Decided I was dun with high school during 10 th grade --I don’t need a GED/Diploma when I’ve got all this street smarts Work History --N/A (No one will hire me and I can’t figure out y…) Recent Accomplishments
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Unformatted text preview: --Completed Gallon Challenge (Drank a gallon of milk in less than an hour)--Became Sergeant of the Army (on Playstation 3’s “Resistance” of course) Strengths--As stated I am very intelijint--Unstumpable at Star Trek Season 2 Trivia--I am a fountain of totally useless information Spank you for the opportoonity, I hope you’ll consider me for an interview about the position that I made this resume to give to you for, Jon Doe...
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