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Tara Rupard 904568173 Option #3 Rawls’ belief on socioeconomic justice is that an ideal society is where everyone should have an equal protection of liberties and fair opportunity. With this however, it does not mean that everyone gets the same amount of wealth. He believes everyone should be given a minimum amount of wealth, enough for him or her to survive, so that everyone still has the motivation to do their job well. He claims that any rational agent would agree with his position “behind the veil of ignorance.” In this claim, he uses rational agent to define any persons who will logically reason when choosing the correct principles of justice. He uses “behind the veil of ignorance” as a metaphor to explain if everyone were to have no idea how wealthy they would be, where they would stand in the social ladder, or how much education they would receive, as if they stand there with a “bare soul” and decide where everyone would be in society. He then argues that, in that position, no rational agent would choose a society where only certain people get liberties and opportunity, because if that person ended up not being in that category, they would have no prosperity. He also claims that, “behind the veil of ignorance,” no rational agent would choose a society where everyone gets the maximum amount of wealth, because it wouldn’t be fair to those who contribute more to society, nor would someone choose that people only get rewarded if they excel in something, because in that position, if you didn’t have a special talent, even if you work hard, you wouldn’t get rewarded for it. Thus, Rawls believes that “behind the veil of ignorance” is where you would be able to define justice, because with that, a rational
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Moral&Just1paper - Tara Rupard 904568173 Option #3...

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