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Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay - and always give you puzzles to...

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Samantha Allenbach English 101 Compare and Contrast Over the years video games have changed a lot. Rapidly improving with the world of technology, they have become more complex. When video games first came out it was for the system Atari. Atari didn’t have many buttons, just a joystick. That game was called pong. It was so basic and simple compared to video games today. Pong and every other video game that was released back then didn’t require much thinking. They often just were games where you used minimal thinking skills like going around shooting spacecrafts like in Asteroids. The graphics for these games were cheap, but then again, the technology was very limited. Most games consisted of mediocre graphics and story lines. The older video games are so basic anyone can play them. Video games today are a lot more advanced. They consist of amazing story lines
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Unformatted text preview: and always give you puzzles to challenge your mind and make you think. Yet there are those games every now and then that are actually mind numbing. The graphics in games today have improved so much because of our amazing world of technology. Today they have many games that have many different ratings to differentiate which ones are appropriate for each age rang. These new video games make it impossible for just anyone to play. A lot of video games today require a lot of hand-eye coordination, like first person shooters. Even though video games changed a lot over the years they all have one thing in common. They are created for the entertainment of their players and to make a lucrative sales profit for the gaming companies....
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