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Composers Essay

Composers Essay - film scores including Star Wars Superman...

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Samantha Allenbach Intro to Music John Williams and Georges Bizit are the two composers I picked to write about. John Williams is an American composer born in 1932. His father was a musician so since it seemed to run in the family, it seemed logical to him. John Williams made more modern scores considering he had more instruments provided to him. John Williams made more music for televsion and became a major composer in American films. He had also not only made movie scores, John conducted the Boston Pops Orchestra. John Williams has written seven best known
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Unformatted text preview: film scores including Star Wars, Superman and Jaws. Georges Bizet was born in another century. Living from 1838 to 1875; he first learned music from his parents also. He was a European composer. Learning his skills in the Paris Conservatory at only ten years old. Georges composed music for the theater and operas. He is famous for Carmen. Bizet received the Prix de Rome for his composition of Symphony in C. Most of his fame is from his opera Carmen....
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