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Public Admin final review - Organizing Chapter 7 Division...

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Organizing Chapter 7 Division of Labor – Administrator can divide and place in separate departments. Divide into four different categories objective, geography, process and client. Most common is objective. (P.304) Line – Staff – Concept – Division between agencies and individuals engaged mainly implementing programs and those concerned chiefly with providing advice and assistance to top management – cannot be overemphasized. (p.309) Staff Authority – Is narrower and includes the right to advise, recommend, and counsel in the staff area of expertise. Is communication relationship; staff specialists advise managers in technical areas. (P. 309) Public Choice – Field of economics. Assumption that politicians and bureaucrats behave like consumers and business executives. Allows scholars to apply conventional economical analysis to the behavior and decision of actors in public sector. (P. 311) Matrix Approach – Common organizational design. Two administrators share responsibility for the same subordinate. Should not be applied to standardized services with high volumes (i.e. water disposal). (P.315) Team Approach – Important to distinguish a team from a group. Three or four people are required. Need to share a performance goal, strong leader, and a particular way of working with people. (P. 315) Types of Teams Cross Functional Team – Consist of employees from various functional departments who are responsible to meet as a team and resolve mutual problems. Team members typically still report to their functional departments but they also report to the team, one member whom may be the leader. Permanent Teams – Are brought together as a formal department in an
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Public Admin final review - Organizing Chapter 7 Division...

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