Reading Notes 13 & 14

Reading Notes 13 & 14 - Lindsey Evans Gods of Battles:...

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Lindsey Evans Gods of Battles: Holy Wars of Christianity and Islam By Peter Partner Reading Notes #13 History of holy war, from the Biblical Hebrews to our own times, is a history of texts belonging to scriptural religious; it is also a history of human behavior. The violence that men do, they seek to justify Holy war is special case; others wars may claim the benefit of divine approval, but holy war is one that God requires the faithful to fight The question of whether holy war is now a disused medieval idea that exerts no influence at all upon modern people who think of themselves as ‘westerners’ is important when we consider the judgments that they make about people of other faiths, and about Muslim fundamentalist in particular Holy war, which we think of as obsolete and archaic, is an extreme example of the politicization of cultural and religious conflict Dominant nations are not themselves free from aggressive nationalism makes their fears even keener Demonization of the adversary is not the best way of conducting international relations, whether it is done on the basis of the United States being describe as
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Reading Notes 13 & 14 - Lindsey Evans Gods of Battles:...

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