ADV ORGZ NOTES - incorporates the ideas Skimming as an...

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An organizational frameworks teachers can present to students prior to teaching new content to prepare them for what they are about to learn. Advance organizers take the surprise out of what is to come, help students retrieve what they already know about a topic, and focus them on new information. Students are able to see the connections and/or the relationship between pieces of information. Expository Advance Organizers An expository advance organizer may simply provide students with the meaning and purpose of what is to follow. On the other hand an expository organizer may present students with more detailed information of what they will be learning especially the information that may be difficult to understand. Narrative Advance Organizers A narrative advance organizer takes the form of a story. Here the teacher provides the essential ideas of a lesson or unit she plans to teach by telling a story that
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Unformatted text preview: incorporates the ideas. Skimming as an Advance Organizer When a teacher asks students to skim learning materials, he provides them with the opportunity to preview the important information that will encounter later by focusing on and noting what stands out in headings, subheadings, and highlighted information. Graphic Organizers Presented in Advance Graphic organizers also provide students with guidance on what the important information is in a lesson or unit. They give students direction and also provide a visual representing of the important information. It is easy to see what is important and the relationships between the ideas and patterns in the information where they exist. Narrative advance organizers, expository advance organizers, skimming, and graphic organizers help students focus on important information by providing a mental set....
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ADV ORGZ NOTES - incorporates the ideas Skimming as an...

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