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Final - EBIO 3080 Final Exam Name All questions worth 5 pts...

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EBIO 3080 Final Exam Name: All questions worth 5 pts. You have to get everything correct to receive credit (no partial credit). 1) The equation T = 1/ λ * ln(N T )/ln(N 0 ) provides the basis for estimating the age of formation of rocks based on the elemental composition of rocks (e.g. uranium [Ur] and lead [Pb]). Answer the following questions with reference to Ur and Pb a. What is λ ? b. What is N T ? c. What is N 0 ? d. What key fact enables you to estimate the age of rocks based on the abundance of elements? 2) The Cretaceous a. Was between 144-65 mya b. Was when placental mammals originated c. Was the last Period prior to the Cenozoic Era d. All of the above are correct e. Only a and b are correct 3) 400 300 200 10 Y ears Body siz T ime 10 20 300 4000 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 δΟ 18 Χοολε , ϖεττε αρμερ , δριερ Figure 1. Left. Average body size of individuals measured from fossils and extant specimens. Right. Oxygen-18 isotope profile estimation of climate change for the last 400 thousand years of Earth’s history. Black dots indicate the O-18 value associated with fossil deposits that were used for the figure on the left. Based on the body size data (left), paleontologists concluded their study provided evidence for punctuated equilibrium (i.e. stasis, abrupt change, stasis). Explain why their conclusion might be wrong?
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4) Describe, with the aid of a graph, how you estimate heritable variation. 5) Draw the distribution showing the magnitude of effect of specific genes on flower shape and color in Mimulus based on QTL analysis. The x-axis is number of genes and the y- axis is the effect. (Note similar graphs can be drawn for other phenotypic traits)
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