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PSCI 3071- test notes - PSCI 3071 Urban politics Lecture 1:...

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Unformatted text preview: PSCI 3071 Urban politics Lecture 1: 3 imperitives of urban politics >politics of growth-From centers of trade to centers of production-Market place v. democratic process >politics of governance-The bigger the cities get, the more responsibilities arise and more interest groups form making it difficult to please everyone. The question arises, who should benefit and how to go about accomplishing the different responsibilities. >politics of defended space-Anti-urban Bias makes people want to live in suburbs-Fragmentation within the community. This allows separation to occure-Segregation, ethnic, and political differences/disagreements arise. After Immigration, new and different desires were starting to take place within the different city governments. Competition for Urban Growth-How did the cities develop. Was it because of pure luck or were the underlying connections made? Railroads = development- What city is willing to offer the best bang for the buck Cheyenne vs. Denver Breakdown of Community: With transportation came urban sprawl and the rise of segregation. 1 st suburban boom: 1890-1910 Industrialization promotes waves of immigration because job opportunities Urban Services: City governments took on new responsibilities for three reasons-Imminent catastrophe or crisis-Absence of services threatened economic prosperity-Middle class becomes intolerant of the conditions by late 1800s Lecture #2-Machines used to govern the majority of Americas big industry between 1870-1945- Tammany Hall was the Democratic Party Machine in NYC...
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PSCI 3071- test notes - PSCI 3071 Urban politics Lecture 1:...

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