Personality Psychology Exam 4 Review

Personality Psychology Exam 4 Review - Personality...

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Personality Psychology Exam 4 Review Chapter 13 Classical Conditioning- response to stimuli in an environment by pairing these stimuli with events that already elicited a response (NOT based on rewards/punishments but by association in time) Operant Conditioning- animals less likely to repeat behaviors that had negative consequences than were animals given no punishment Exposure Therapy- introduces extinction to reverse Classically Conditioned emotions Counter-conditioning- involves using classical conditioning to associate good feelings with the feared object (Snake Video) Generalization- one behavior conditioned to 2 or more stimuli Basic Principles of Conditioning : Classical Conditioning ( PAVLOV ) o Begins with an existing stimulus-response association (jump <response> when you see a spider <stimulus>) o Pavlov’s Experiment Unconditioned Stimulus- meat Unconditioned Response- salivation Conditioned Stimulus- bell sound Conditioned Response- salivation Operant Conditioning ( SKINNER )- concerns the effect certain kinds of consequences have on the frequency of behavior. 4 Types of Operant Conditioning o Primary Conditioning- uses rewards as primary reinforcers o Secondary Conditioning- uses rewards for secondary reinforcers o Escape Conditioning- takes away pain to escape it o Avoidant Conditioning- o It begins with behaviors the animal/person emits spontaneously o Primary Reinforcers - satisfies biological needs o Secondary Reinforcers - satisfy achievement, intimacy, power needs o A consequence that increases the behavior is a reinforcement Positive Reinforcement - behavior increases b/c it’s followed by a reward Negative Reinforcement - behavior increases with the removal of a negative stimulus Punishers cause pain while Negative Reinforces reduce pain o A consequence that decreases the behavior is a
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Personality Psychology Exam 4 Review - Personality...

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