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Mysticism Notes - Mysticism Bhakti Yoga path to union with...

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3/27/08 Mysticism Bhakti Yoga- path to union with God through devotion (prayer, chanting) Jnana Yoga- path to union with God through mystical knowledge (reading of scriptures) Karma Yoga- path to union with God through selfless action Raja Yoga- path to union with God through meditation Very ancient and diverse (goes back 2500 years) Originally meant for people who have given up everything for God Steps: o o 3 Asana: o 4 Pranayama: “life force”; how to be really relaxed, how purify yourself to allow this life force to go through you. Control of the life force (breathing techniques). o 5 Pratyahara- closing of the senses because you focus hard on something o 6 Dharana- concentration; first attempt to keep focus on one thing o 7 Phyana- meditation o 8 Samadhi- really profound and strong meditation Tantra Nadi- channel of life force Chakra- Energy center; 7 major chakras/ central-middle of the spine Kundalini- the spiritual evolutionary power Taoism Real emphasis on cyclical processes (cycles of life) Focus is not on relationship with God (no judgments of sin) Animism- spirit of the trees, animals, river, etc If someone dies and a need is not fulfilled (sexual, love, development, revenge) they will remain in the world as a spirit/ghost/demon Firecrackers, gongs, amulets, sacred/magical symbols to protect from demons I-Ching: fortune telling Ancestors- ours souls are made up of ever-shifting energies. At death the yin and yang elements gradually move farther and farther apart (in life, yin and yang are always mixing together) Dowism is a philosophy, a religion, and an idea of mystical visualization Priests- geomancy (feng shui), do exorcisms, cleanse homes Spirit Medium- person who reads spirits and finds out why they are here Yin-Yang: notion of opposites (main symbol of Dow) o Yin- associated with female, passive, earth, cold, soft, dark, wet o Yang- associated with male, active, heavens, heat, light, dry
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3 types of Taoism Popular Taoism- spells, magic, exorcism, folklores, myths, also includes temples, incense, amulets, priests Philosophical Taoism- found in the scripture ‘Tao Te Ching’, a series of sayings that are more universal and are less tradition-specific. Profound way of looking at the universe. Chi- life force. Esoteric/Mystical Taoism- practiced by the monks (secret=esoteric), or knowledge that is only given to people that are worthy of receiving the knowledge. Practices martial arts, massage, alchemy, and other spiritual activities. The purpose is to become immortal.
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Mysticism Notes - Mysticism Bhakti Yoga path to union with...

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