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Barsoum 1 -1Clayton Barsoum English 1302 Reading Journal April 8, 2008 Barnet, Sylvan and Hugo Bedau. From Critical Thinking to Argument . 2 nd Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin, 2008. In the assigned selection from F.C.T.A. the authors primarily examine the audience’s role in the argumentative research paper. The vital point that I took away from the reading was the author needs to find a common ground from which he can identify his opinions with those of his opponents. The authors state, “If you wish to persuade, you’ll have to begin by finding premises you can share with your audience”(147). The authors use Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation” as an example. Singer tries to advance his thesis that animal liberation is the last movement that has gone untouched and
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Unformatted text preview: compares it to the previous civil rights movements for blacks, gays, and women. He also recognizes the progressive and liberals for the now widely accepted and acclaimed civil rights movements. By doing this Singer is not only finding a common ground with his opponent within the civil rights movements, but he is also identifying with progressives and liberals today that think they stand for those kinds of issues. He forms a coalition with the people that accept the previous civil rights movements in the people that find themselves progressive in civil rights and those tending to be more conservative who may have not initially been the frontrunners but now accept the universally accepted ideas....
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