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-1Clayton Barsoum English 1302 Reading Journal February 12, 2008 Barnet, Sylvan and Hugo Bedau. From Critical Thinking to Argument: Second Edition . Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008. In the fifth chapter of FCTA the authors discuss the proper way to analyze an argument or report. They also educate us on how to deconstruct the writers methods (authorities, statistics, analogies, assumptions, opposing positions, voice, ridicule) to get the audience to sympathize their argument. I believe the students analysis did a great job of targeting the techniques Krisof used but she failed to address many of the strong points that Kristof made. How is killing deer any
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Unformatted text preview: different than the systematic murder we commit every day for the luxury of cheap beef and chicken? At least killing these deer would possibly lead to less lives lost in car accidents. Also, Swinton makes the assumption in fifth paragraph that hunting will not bring people closer to wilderness preservation efforts. Swinton unreasonably compares hunting to rape, bribery, & war in an attempt to stir our emotions, but she does not recognize the natural hunting that we and nearly all animals do themselves....
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