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-1Clayton Barsoum English 1302 Reading Journal April 1, 2008 In Chapter 8 of F.C.T.A the authors explore The Toulmin Method. The Toulmin Method identifies different elements of an argument to really understand what the author is trying to argue and how it is being done. The elements of the Toulmin Method are the claim, grounds, warrants, backing, modal qualifiers, and rebuttals. The claim is merely the thesis or the important point or argument the author is trying to convey. Grounds are the support that the author uses to validate his or her argument. The less simple elements of the Toulmin method follow. Warrants back up the
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Unformatted text preview: grounds by proving that the evidence is a valid in supporting the claim or thesis. Backing, I believe, is quite similar to the warrants. However, I think backing is proving to your audience that the evidence you have used can not be interpreted differently by your opposition. Modal Qualifiers involve scope, what degree the argument is being made, and quantity, to whom is the argument directed. Finally, rebuttals simply involve the opposition to the authors argument....
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