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-1Clayton Barsoum English 1302 SAR 7 March 25, 2008 Alston, Dana and Nicole Brown. “Global Threats to People of Color.” Confronting Environmental Racism:Voices from the Grassroots . Bullard, Robert D. Cambridge: South End Press, 1993. 179-194. In the introduction to the chapter Alston and Brown explain their thesis: Just as the economically and politically disadvantages minorities in America are disadvantage there is a replica of this on the world stage. They use America as a mirror throughout the chapter by which they relate our racial injustices to those of nations throughout the world. They suggest that not only minority groups are being disadvantaged, but entire countries of little politically influence are targeted. One of the authors, Dana Alston, is cited in the book as a source on social justice and the environment for her book, but Nicole Brown was not cited as published. Whether Brown could be considered a good source for information on environmental injustice is therefore debatable. Although most of the writers’ purpose is informative, there is rhetoric used slightly in the
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Barsoum_SAR_CER_CH11_03-25-08 - Clayton Barsoum English...

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