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COMM 125 Jan. 30, 2008 -Limited Effects View (cont.) Argument 1) The things that determine our behavior do not come from media, but from something else and it is deeply held. It’s virtually impossible to change these preferences. -Selective Exposure: watch only what you agree with -Or look at same messages, but have different interpretations Where do beliefs come from? -Parents, -Religion, -Peers, -Personal experience (of class, race- OJ Simpson trial, economy, govt. attitude) -Economy EX)-Media causes people to consume; manipulates our preferences. LEV. Opposes this view because America is relatively wealthy. We buy because we can. -Government Attitudes- We know that Bush is doing a bad job. We can assess the economy by our paychecks. -Our events- did something happen that will change our perception? -1980’s- Soviet invasion of Afghanistan…money spent on military spiked. -no change in money spent on social security because of long-term trends of economy and society; most Americans are working, but they want it to exist when
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