Tuesday april 22

Tuesday april 22 - action is boundless- violence is...

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 Crisis of the Republic effects of symatic deception of political life lying o best source of republic renewal Story of Aristole How lying threaten public life One lesson to derive from thinkers- no way to get rid of violence- o violence is theme running through all the reading **Arendt- understands that violence plays a role in politics reaction to wide spread violence in the US during 1960s o groups engaged in violence to bring about change- looks more like overthrowing gov’t; agencies o if u don’t let channels open to protest / C.D.- you have problem o partisan prot to engage in violence what is violence 3 categories- distinction between 3 o violence o strength o power violence is ruled by- pg. 106- as technology progress violence becomes more violent o always needs to be implemented o arbitrary nature-pg. 106- owell- people refer “the war as an it”
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Unformatted text preview: action is boundless- violence is arbitrary actions less likely to be able to control sometimes agents of violence instead of masters of violence EX: fate of some revolutionary movement- attempts to overthrow imperialism- carl smith- T Power distinction between violence & power o violence not necessarily power o power is more predictable, violence controls abritariness a little more o Arendt if you really have power, u dont need violence I made him offere he couldnt refuse- Godfather- options are presented but dont really have choice Arentha thunderbolts have choice but do as those in power want them to do o how do you obtain power without using violence- gangs of NY- consent & violence pg. 141 o to have power you must content oit...
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Tuesday april 22 - action is boundless- violence is...

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