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In order to create a solution of .018M NaCN, I have designed a procedure which will guide us through the preparation of the solution. This solution can be created a number of ways but it is important to note here that we do not want to waste chemicals or propagate unnecessary error in the creation of the solution. Assuming that NaCN is pure and dry (NaCN will not absorb anything from the air), we can now create the solution using a 100ml flask (I will explain why later). To make a .018 M solution in a 100ml flask we need to know how many moles of NaCN that we need. Applying the formula (#mol/L=M), we find that .0018 mol is needed to prepare our solution (#mol=.1L*.018M). We can find the number of grams of NaCN by multiplying the molar mass of NaCN (49.01g/mol) by the number of moles. We find that .0882g is needed to prepare our solution (The range of weights of NaCN is .0882g ± .0003g). Now we want to know if this method of creating a .018M solution is within our desired precision of
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