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LCA Extra credit03 - new quality of lyrical emotions...

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Extra Credit  Dmitry Shastakovich and Azerbaijani Music Professor Aida Huseynova was the guest speaker for this lecture on Azerbaijani music  and Shastakovich. She started out by describing Shastakovich as a high skilled professional and  he led the innovation in the field of music styles. Kara Karayov was a student, colleague, and  friend of Dmitry Shastakovich. Aida briefly showed a video of Elmira Nazirova playing piano.  Elmira Nazirova was also a student of Shastakovich.  Aida also focused on Shastakovich’s visit to Baku. On June 1934, he performed his first  piano concert and this had a huge impact on Azerbaijani Music by emulating sysphonic conept in  the 1940s to stylistic reminiscences of 1950s.  Aida described Shastakovich’s music as a stimulus  to expire the potential of the native music tradition. The Impact on Azerbaijani composers was another topic she mentioned. They were the 
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Unformatted text preview: new quality of lyrical emotions; indirect, continuing, and intellectualized. Also dramatic type of contrast and corresponding type of thematic advancement was newly developed by Shastakovich’s influence. Aida finished her lecture by bringing in Shastakovich’s fluids; modality and polyphony. The key points of Shastakovich’s modality are the smooth contact between two modal systems, prevalence of diatonic modes, and tendency to diminished modes. The key point of his polyphony was linearism and monadic nature of Azerbaijani Music. The lecture was definitely a new experience for me since I was never interested in music and how it developed in different cultures. But this lecture was interesting and Professor Aida Huseynova did great job by actually showing the videos and letting the audience hear the music....
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