Physics - Final - Professor Hakki gelman Physics 115 5 May...

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Professor Hakki Ögelman Physics 115 5 May 2008 Hydropower as an Alternative Source of Energy Whenever I turn on TV to watch CNN or NBC, a lot of times I hear news about gas price informing people it will be going up tomorrow. It was not until when I turned sixteen; I realized how bad the problem was. As I start driving a Toyota I noticed that the gas prices are going up faster than I expected, and I had to either get a job or use my car less since I did not have a lot of money to afford gas. This is the problem that the earth will face soon or later. The gas price will eventually hit four dollars, five dollars, and eventually ten dollars per gallon. People will start using alternate source for travelling and producing energy. If we start using alternative source of energy from now we can save the fuels and other non-renewable energy source for the future. Hydropower is the most used renewable energy source that is very important determining future of human society. The greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane gases are emitted in the atmosphere as we consume energy sources like petroleum and coals. They not only cause global warming, but they also reduce the level of ozone in the ozone layer causing skin cancers and other unexpected problems. Currently different car companies are offering hybrid cars and other electric mobiles that might help reduce the pollution and slow down
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Physics - Final - Professor Hakki gelman Physics 115 5 May...

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