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Psych 101 Ch 2 - Psych 101 Chapter 2 Studying Behavior...

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Psych 101 1-24-08 Chapter 2: Studying Behavior Scientifically 1. Epistemology: the philosophy of knowledge and understanding; how you come to know 2. Limitations of Common Sense a. Past events can usually be explained in multiple ways b. Research findings often contradict common sense c. Overconfidence 3. Scientific Method a. Theories i. Set of formal statements ii. Explain and predict behavior iii. Organize information in a meaningful way iv. Are testable (through hypotheses) v. A good grounded theory has several important characteristics 1. They incorporate existing knowledge and they do so within a broad framework 2. It allows you to go down one more level 3. It’s testable and you should easily be able to generate hypotheses from theory 4. Even though they are broad, they should be simple to some degree; should make a logical argument
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5. Even though they give us a starting point, they can be tweaked, updated, and made better b. Hypotheses i. Enable us to test, reject , and revise theories ii. Or to revise a theory and give direction to research iii. If, then statements c. Replication 4. Scientific research should be i. Objective ii. Systematic: there should be a system to your madness that people can replicate iii. Testable: by others 5. Scientific Process (6 Steps)
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Psych 101 Ch 2 - Psych 101 Chapter 2 Studying Behavior...

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