Soviet Politics

Soviet Politics - Theories of need for order - tough rule -...

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- tough rule - owe obedience to rulers Eastern Orthodox Christianity (988) 1054- Great Schism (West and East) Vladmir converted Kiev state (988) Culture formed in a very different religion than with Catholic Church Involves confrontations with Islam (Ottoman Empire) Tatars- Mongols (1240-1480) - yoke (harness) - “khans” - military, nomadic civilization - horses - would take over but leave same people in control/power - Grand Prince of Moscow o Absolutionist rule 1453- Constantinople finally fell Third Rome- took over role as major civilization in the Eastern European World Peter the Great- prefigure Stalin by trying to figure out how Western World works, to make sure they don’t force it on them January 22-24 1. History a. Eastern, non-western b. Kievan Russia (862) i. Settled along rivers that lead to the Black Sea ii. Need order and peace (were fighting amongst themselves too much) c. Orthodox Christianity (988) d. Tatar yoke (1240-1480) e. Third Rome (1453) i. Moscow 2. Ideology a. Marxism: scientific socialism i. Stages 1. Primitive communism is hunting and gathering 2. Slave society 3. Feudalism: notion of reciprocity 4. Capitalism: allowed money to be mobile, Marx and Engalls thought it was bad a. Industrial Revolution b. Problems with Russians reading Marx i. Each stage only comes to an end when the possibilities of previous stage are exhausted
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Soviet Politics - Theories of need for order - tough rule -...

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