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1 PO 101 Global Democracy In her article “What Globalization Overshadows”, Sophia Nasstrom argues that there is an innate issue, or “gap”, in democracy and that globalization, rather than just the cause, is actually the resolution to this issue. The gap points to the inability of the theory of democracy to determine legitimately within itself who the democracy governs: the “people” must be predetermined undemocratically. She posits that historically this gap has made it difficult for nations to transition from monarchy to democracy, as in the French and American Revolutions, but that currently this issue is not only brought about by a shift to globalization, but is also resolved by globalization. Nasstrom explains the gap in democracy as inherent in its nature. In the context of the French Revolution Nasstrom illustrates the need to undemocratically establish a democracy: They needed a constitution that could unite the people and preserve stability, and at the same time be held legitimate by the people itself…But the people cannot provide for its own legitimacy It cannot decide on its own composition…[A second dilemma] involves the relationship between the people and its government…For in order to preserve social order…the people need to bestow political authority upon the government. Still for this government to be democratic, the political authority must remain with the people. 1 Similarly, when the founding fathers drafted the American Declaration of Independence, they had to assume the power to draft this declaration. Nasstrom describes Hannah Arendt’s point that when the founding fathers wrote “We hold these truths to be self- evident”, they did “not themselves possess the legitimacy they need to found a new democracy.” 2 Why were they able to decide what is self-evident? In order to establish a 1 Nasstrom, Sophia. “What Globalization Overshadows.” 816-817. 2 Nasstrom, Sophia. “What Globalization Overshadows.” 820.
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2 democracy, this small group of leaders undemocratically, and illegitimately, made the rules. These two examples illustrate and explain the gap: “the problem that is internal to the concept of democracy.” 3 There is no way to legitimately establish a democracy democratically. This issue is inherent and undeniable. Nasstrom proposes that globalization is the solution to the gap issue. Nasstrom compares these examples in history with the modern issue of
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Intro to Political Science- Big Essay Final Draft - 1 PO...

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