07-10-10, Notes - VIANO"Porcile(214-235 Porcile(Pigsty 1969...

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VIANO “Porcile” (214-235) Porcile (Pigsty, 1969) consists of two stories told alternately. Porcile demands such a laborious reading on the viewer’s part that to consider it a realist film might seem an act of cultural terrorism. Yet Porcile operates within a realist mode because it attempts… to allude to a historical world outside of the text. Realist signifying procedures change and have a history, because the people animated by a realist attitude change and are in history. During the days between May 17 and June 5, 1968… an event took place which can be regarded as the first official and self-conscious attempt to revolutionize cinema’s production and consumption alike. Les etaux generaux du cinema (Estates General of the Cinema) – “reflected the new importance within an advanced capitalist society of the work of ideological opposition to existing social, political, and economic relations.” …a modernist textuality came to be regarded as the only possible way out of the snares of the obvious. Conversely, everything that was not modernist came to be regarded as illusionist, that is realist. What was being attacked was a mode of consumption which entailed the spectator’s identification with the characters and which took the events on the screen for real, for realistic portrayals of “how things are.” Realism… was first and foremost a matter of political attitude, a matter of desire for social impact. Yet [in
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07-10-10, Notes - VIANO"Porcile(214-235 Porcile(Pigsty 1969...

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