Notes - Pasolini Civil War(142-149 SNCC(Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee SNCC SDS and an infinite number of other movements which in their

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Pasolini “Civil War” (142-149) SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) SNCC, SDS, and an infinite number of other movements, which, in their chaotic whole, form the American New Left, are something which reminds me of the Resistance period. …the scandal is that after the however great episodes of the Algerian and Cuban revolutions the center of the fight for the revolution of the Third world is precisely America. The black problem, united in such an inextricable and contorted fashion to that of the “poor whites” (enormous in number, more than we think), is a Third World Problem. How different Americans are from each other because of their different humble origins cannot be said enough. …this “average American”—physically, materially, visually, doesn’t exist! In short, for me the most violent, dramatic, and defining note of the “quality of American life” is a negative characteristic: the absence of class consciousness, the immediate effect, precisely of the false idea of self of every individual admitted, almost by concession or by grace, within the limits of the petit-bourgeois privileges of industrial well-being and of state power. Class consciousness, to make way in the head of an American, needs the long, contorted road of an enormously complex operation, that is, it needs the mediation of—let’s admit it—the bourgeois or petit-bourgeois idealism which gives meaning to the life of every American and which he absolutely cannot leave out of consideration. The immense void which opens as a chasm in individual Americans and in the whole of American society—that is, the lack of a Marxist culture—like every void, violently demands to be filled. “The PCI to the Young!!” (150-158) Now the journalists of all the world/… kiss/… your ass. Not me, friends./ You have the faces of spoiled children./ Good blood doesn’t lie. When… you fought/ with policemen,/ I sympathized with the policemen!/ Because policemen are children of the poor. We obviously agree against the police as institution./ But get mad at the Legal System and you will see! Yes, your slogans always concern/ the taking of power. Inebriated by your victory against young men/ of the police forced by poverty to be servant/… you set aside the only really dangerous instrument/ to fight against your fathers:/ that is, communism. Ugly verses are those that are not sufficient alone to express what the author wants to express. In short, through neocapitalism the bourgeoisie is becoming the human condition. …the petit bourgeois of today is no longer the one who is defined in the classics of Marxism, for example, in Lenin. “Living Signs and Dead Poets” (247-253) The purest language in the world, in fact the only one which could be called LANGUAGE and that’s all, is the language of natural reality. Naturally the LANGUAGE of these places, of these natural “particulars,” is enormously contaminated by a series of
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Notes - Pasolini Civil War(142-149 SNCC(Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee SNCC SDS and an infinite number of other movements which in their

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