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Population Paper - Michael (Alex) Sandlin ENVS 1000.013...

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Michael (Alex) Sandlin ENVS 1000.013 Meldrum Japan and Its’ Population Within the past few decades, population rates have come to astounding rates in both excess and shortages around the world. Japan is currently held in the category of decline. More importantly, Japan’s birth rates are shockingly on the decline. “Never before in human history has fertility fallen so far, so fast, so deep and so unexpectedly” (Wattenburg). Although population was exploding during the 1960’s, the complete opposite is now occurring. Japan’s current fertility rate is 1.3 children per woman, with a current population of 126 million. But at the current birth rate, half of the current population will become the new total by the end of this century. In the 1970’s women rushed into marriage thinking that if they hit age 25, then there was no chance to have any children. But nowadays, since women are part of the workforce, they no longer hold this to be true. In actuality, through female selfishness, women are waiting until the last possible moment before they have children. Tomoko Omura, became one of Japan’s first female news anchors at the age of 29. Omura was not married at the time,
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Population Paper - Michael (Alex) Sandlin ENVS 1000.013...

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