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SiteVisitProposal - comes from your visit For example if...

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Site Visit Proposal This assignment is worth 20 points. Please write a one page, double space paper that indicates the Jewish, Christian, or Islam site you plan to visit and your learning goals. Please consult the other site visit icons for more information. You should include any ideas for what you plan to pursue as your research focus. Remember that your paper will be 2-3 pages of description of your visit, and 2-3 pages of research based on a topic that
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Unformatted text preview: comes from your visit. For example, if you visit a Roman Catholic Mass, you become interested in the use of Holy Water, or the baptism of infants, or the Stations of the Cross. These are examples of three different topics that you can pursue in your research. Also remember that you need to consult three research sources, library sources, not Internet sources of information. Any questions, consult your recitation leader....
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