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class notes 3 - (April 9, 2008) Air Pollution The Air...

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(April 9, 2008) Air Pollution The Air Around Us: Approximately 147 million metric tons of air polluton are released annually into the atmosphere in the U.S. by human activities. Worldwide emissions total around 2 billion metric tons. Developed countries have been improving air quality, while air quality in developing world is getting worse. Natural Sources of Air Pollution Natural Fires – Smoke Volcanoes – Ash and acidic components Sea Spray – Sulfur and acid rain Vegetation – Volatile Organic Components (leads to ozone) and pollen Bacteria – Methane Dust Viruses and Bacteria Human-Caused Air Pollution Primary Pollutants – released directly from the source Secondary Pollutants – modified to a hazardous form after entering the air and mixing with other environmental components. Fugitive Emissions – do not go through smokestack. -Dust from construction -Leaks from valves and pipe joints Conventional Pollutants U.S. Clean Air Act designated seven major (conventional or criteria) pollutants for which maximum ambient air levels are mandated. - Sulfur Dioxide - Nitrogen Oxides - Carbon Monoxide - Particulate Matter - Hydrocarbons - Photochemical Oxidants - Lead Conventional Pollutants Sulfur Compounds – Natural sources of sulfur in the atmosphere include evaporation
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class notes 3 - (April 9, 2008) Air Pollution The Air...

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