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Alex Sandlin ENVS 1000.013 The Atlas vs. Ketchum Arts and Sciences Lighting: Atlas: There are no incandescent bulbs being used, but instead fluorescent lighting is used, which are 25% more energy efficient and last longer. The classrooms have adjustable lighting controls that allow the light intensity to avoid high usage. All lights have been architecturally placed where people need it most and avoid any random lighting. Ketchum: (9:00 A.M.) Fluorescent lighting is used throughout the hallways, but lack of windows in the hallway does not help the energy efficiency. Each classroom only has a on and off switch for lights, but at least one large window for natural lighting. Most empty classrooms have the lights turned off. Temperature Control: Atlas: The North side of the building has more windows which forces the thermostats to be locked into a cooler temperature setting to make up for the abundance of heat from sunlight. Ketchum: Overall, the building is comfortable.
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Unformatted text preview: The glass on the windows is definitely cold. Windows are from what I can see single-paned. Each classroom has its own radiator heating system, with a thermostat. But because each classroom has its own ceiling fan, this allows the classrooms to be more efficient with cooling than being restricted to using the heater. Recycling Stations: Atlas: All carpet is recycled carpet and the design of the building was built with recycling Stations. Ketchum: There are 3 trash can labeled “recycle” that are definitely recent thoughts of add on to this building. Water Systems: Atlas: The faucets are all low flow faucets and the restroom has water-less urinals. Ketchum: The bathroom faucets are manual with fast flowing water. All faucets seem to be leak free and the urinals are water-less. Other: Ketchum: The hallway lights are always on except for the third floor) and seems like a waste of energy when there are hardly many people in the hallways....
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