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class notes 2 and Test Questions - (March 7, 2008) Food and...

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(March 7, 2008) Food and Agriculture Food and Nutrition: World food supplies have more than kept up with human population growth over the past two centuries. During the past 40 years, population growth has averages 1.7% per year, while food production increased an average 2.2%. Chronic Hunger and Food Security: - In 1960, 60% of the populations of developing countries were considered chronically undernourished. It has fallen to less than 14%. - Poverty is the greatest threat to food security *the ability to obtain sufficient food on a daily basis. Famines are characterized by large-scale food shortages, massive starvation, social disruption, and economic chaos. Mass migrations often occur because productive capacity has been sacrificed. Environmental conditions are immediate trigger, but politics and economics are often underlying problems. Warms are almost always a contributing root cause. Aid policies of rich countries often serve to distribute surplus commodities and produce feeling of generosity. But food camps have serious drawbacks: stress, crowding lack of sanitation, close contact to epidemic diseases. Malnutrition and Obesity: Malnourishment – nutritional imbalance caused b a lack of specific dietary components. In poorer countries, people often cannot afford to purchase an adequate variety of foods, including meats and vegetable… iodine, other deficiencies result. Obesity is the most common dietary problem in wealthy countries is over-nutrition.
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class notes 2 and Test Questions - (March 7, 2008) Food and...

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