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Log 10 - into place to help the environment Ritz Camera...

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Ritz Camera’s Latest Offer Celebrates Earth Day Ritz Camera has joined forces with Carbonfund.org in efforts to reduce energy consumption through their new promotion called, “Buy Green, Be Green”. Ritz Camera has agreed to donate to the Carbonfund.org each time a customer purchases a new special edition ECO-Green Nikon S52 camera. The donation made Ritz Camera will “…make the customer carbon neutral for one month by offsetting his or her carbon footprint” (CSRwire). Ritz Camera and Carbonfund.org have set a goal to reduce 40,000 tons of carbon emissions. With each camera sold, 1.91 tons of carbon emissions will be saved though this program. Ritz Camera stated that, “We believe our customers will respond enthusiastically to this promotion and together with their support we hope to accomplish our goal of reducing nearly 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment” (CSRwire). Although I completely agree with Ritz Camera’s statement, I must ask: What other future programs do they plan on putting
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Unformatted text preview: into place to help the environment? Ritz Camera shows great leadership for promoting such a cause and program. It is no wonder that Ritz Camera is the “largest retail camera and photo chain in the United States” (CSRwire). These efforts that Ritz has made are awesome and definitely have my respect, but I am more interested in what plans Ritz has for the future. How can a camera and photo chain company help to better the environment? Ritz Camera’s new promotional program sets the stage for other retail stores to set up similar programs that I feel will overwhelm consumers in the near future. Ritz Camera seems like a great place to work for anyone including me. Ritz Camera has definitely done a great job putting itself out there for consumers to make a difference in the environment. Carbonfund.org, (2008, April 22). Ritz camera's latest offer celebrates earth day. Carbonfund.org Press Release , Retrieved April 20, 2008, from http://www.csrwire.com/PressReleasePrint.php?id=11763...
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Log 10 - into place to help the environment Ritz Camera...

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