Exam 1 - 3. Nozick's analysis of knowledge; how it avoids...

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I. Philosophy of Religion A. Ontological Argument 1. Anselm's argument/reductio ad absurdum arguments 2. Gaunilo's perfect island objection i. Possible response B. Teleological Argument 1. The argument from design. 2. Standard evolution response. 3. Modern-day equivalent to the design argument. 4. Hume's main objection to the design argument (i.e. other sources of order). C. The Argument from Evil 1. The challenge/inconsistent triad 2. Worries we went over in class and some of the responses. i. Good cannot exist without evil. ii. Evil causally necessary for other goods. 3. The free-will defense. i. Worries about the free-will defense. D. Faith 1. James's and Clifford's position II. Hodgepodge A. Problem of the criterion 1. The problem 2. Methodists, Particularists, and Sceptics. B. Gettier 1. Traditional accounts of knowledge. 2. Gettier type cases/counterexamples.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Nozick's analysis of knowledge; how it avoids Gettier counterexamples. C. Problem of Induction 1. Hume's problem. 2. Hume's "solution". 3. Inductive inferences. 4. New Riddle of Induction: grue/bleen. D. Zeno's Paradox 1. The paradox. 2. Different readings of (P2). 3. What's wrong with the argument that Achilles must travel infinitely far. 4. Thomson's Lamp example and how it relates. 5. Other puzzles of infinity. III. Metaphysics A. Personal Identity 1. Locke i. Necessary and sufficient conditions ii. Body Criterion a. Arguments against iii. Soul Criterion b. Arguments against iv. Locke's memory criterion a. Initial worries b. Genuine memories and circularity worries (Shoemaker) B. Free Will 1. The compatibilist position. (Motivation/Why they dismiss the Libertarian position) 2. Frankfurt example/PAP...
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Exam 1 - 3. Nozick's analysis of knowledge; how it avoids...

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